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Artwork Set Up

We can embroider up to 12 colours and the price of embroidery is not affected by the number of colours within a design.

Size is another variable that you don’t need to necessarily consider. You are welcome to state the size you want your design to be produced in or you can simply ask us to size as we see fit according to the garment, fabric and position of the logo.

Once your design is finalised you can then send it through to us here at Bridgend Custom Embroidery

We accept artwork in a variety of different formats. Currently we can operate with the following.

  • Jpg, tiff, AI, eps ( High Quality )

Once Your Logo has been converted to stitch we will send you a design confirmation this needs to be checked and signed and emailed back to us once this is received and your payment received your order is confirmed and finalised.

There are many Locations on a garment we can embroider below is a diagram to give you some ideas.

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