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About Bridgend Embroidery Store

Everyone has got an idea on printing a print or photo on many styles of T-ShirtsHoodies or other fashionable item.

We give those ideas the space they deserve: Bridgend Embroidery Store's customers can let their fantasies run free on over 100 different articles of clothing. They can use our clip-art of their own designs and texts, also use works from other designers. Whoever likes to create themselves or would like more attention for their projects you can trust us at Bridgend Embroidery Store to give you 100% of our time when you need any help by phone or in person by appointment only. Charities, businesses, clubs, Schools and individuals can get lots of offers on bulk buying etc. We want everyone to create their own fashion, and that is why we have set the following goals:

Our Mission

·         Our goal is to be the Top Printing & Embroidery Store around inspiring people to create.

·         We want to impress everyone: designers & customers.

·         We want to WOW all our customers with exceptional quality and speed.

·         We want to create a excellent platform for you to use and have fun when you are designing your products.

·         We love to help our community with giving more help to local Boys & Girls Clubs & Charities etc.


Our  UK VAT NO is GB217087217

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