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Bridgend Embroidery  are proud to work with local artists and musicians, large and small companies alike. Embroidered garments offer a high perceived value for branding your company or group. While printing is best for T-shirts, embroidery really give a very sophisticated look for garments such as polo shirts, cut and sewn button up shirts, caps and hats, hoodies, jackets and more. There’s a “finished, professional look” to embroidered apparel and no one does it better than we do.

We Have No Minimum order on embroidery work  We can also handle large jobs with ease as we use state of the art equipment Prices are predicated on the amount of stitches we need to sew for you and of course, the type of garment you’re purchasing. There is also an initial set-up (digitizing) fee added to your first order only.

What is Embroidery?

In basic terms embroidery is the method for decorating fabrics using a needle and thread. These days the needles and threads are controlled by computers and machines. This means that we can easily recreate your image or text in embroidered form, either in bulk or small quantities, for a fast turnaround.


Embroidery can really make your design sing. The vibrant colours and variety of stitching can breathe new life into your design like you have never seen before, and truly turn it into a piece of art.

There are many ways to stitch the thread, from cross stitch to satin stitch and tatami stitch and many more. Our expert embroiderers will decide which aspects of your design require which methods to create the highest quality finish.


Embroidery is embedded within the garments own stitching, rather than sitting on the fabric in some way like a print. So as well as it’s aesthetic qualities, it can truly take a beating, which makes it a favourite in the work wear industry. If you go with embroidery, your polo shirts, sweatshirts, t-shirts and hoodies will last for years to come

Artwork Guidelines

Unfortunately, we can’t just plug a picture into our embroidery machines and expect to it know where to put the threads. This is what the £8 origination fee is about. An expert  will decide where each thread goes to make your artwork look perfect.

What’s the best way to send my artwork files?
The best way to send artwork files to us would be is to email us a high quality logo file of your art in either a PDF, EPS or a high res JPG file at 300 DPI. If you just need basic text you can also email it to us and our design team will create it for you.

Will I see a Proof before going to Print?
Yes! we can send you a proof before going to work on your items.

What if I can’t get these formats?
If your unable to supply your Logo in these formats, just send in what you have and our design team will do our best to advise the best solution.

Please allow upto 2 week turn around for your project. and During the November/December Holidays please plan ahead as these are Very busy times.

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